Keep Montana Green is dedicated to the awareness and prevention of human-caused wildfires. WHO Keep Montana Green (KMG) is dedicated to the prevention of human-caused wildfires. WHAT KMG promotes awareness about the dangers human-caused wildfires can have on Montana's timber, rangelands, wildland urban interface and human safety. Public education, outreach and raising awareness to adults and children is a key part of our mission. WHEN Yearly educational campaigns are developed and broadcasted WHERE across Montana. HISTORY Since KMG’s formation at the end of World War II, we have been dedicated to the prevention of human-caused wildfires. Keep Montana Green was formed in 1945, chartered as a tax-exempt nonprofit organization in 1961, and is governed by a Board of Directors representative of its membership. BOARD OF DIRECTORS are elected each year. The President and Vice-President are elected by the Board for 3 year term with 2 terms being the maximum. KMG has been sponsoring an annual POSTER CONTEST for over half a century, in fact 2015 marks our 54th contest. Each year hundreds of students across Montana enter the competition, providing art, slogans and great ideas for prevention efforts. Every spring, Keep Montana Green sponsors annual PREVENTION AWARDS to groups, companies and individuals that have performed outstanding works to prevent range and wildfires across the state. KMG has also joined with FireSafe Montana to present awards that recognize outstanding efforts to create FireSafe Councils across the state of Montana.

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