The Sander's County Fair is for all ages. Whether you're 10 or 75, there is something special about this 4-day weekend in Wild Horse Plains, Montana. The Sanders County Fair began in 1911 with a community horse race. Participants included ladies and gentlemen from the town of Plains, as well as ladies and gentlemen from the reservation. In that day, settler ladies rode side saddle while their Native American counterparts rode astride! For a number of years horse racing and horsemanship were a major part of the fair. As the years passed, rodeos, carnivals and dances were added to the options provided to visitors. The parade organized during fair weekend became a favorite, especially as participants included such things as new-fangled automobiles and old, reliable steer-driven wagons. Currently, the fair is one of the seven largest fairs in the state of Montana and attracts visitors from throughout western Montana.