It all began in early ninety’s Chris & Pat Freddi had there first born son AJ on June 5th 1992 followed a year latter by there daughter Christa. Chris & Pat separated and as time went on Chris met & married a Beautiful Lady from Durango, Mexico Angelina. Angie could not have children naturally but AJ & Christa were definitely her Children. Chris & Angie shared a beautiful personal & business life together for 17 years until November 2009 when cancer took her life. Aristide John Freddi known as AJ was just starting a successful career, played the drums & guitar, loved to travel, fish, play golf & shoot trap. He was looking for the “Right One” to settle down & have children of his own with and working towards that goal had just purchased & had his first home built when tragedy struck on May 16th 2021 AJ was a Pedestrian in a Hit & Run & was killed. Both Angie & AJ were were hard working, motivated, God, Goal, Family, Business, Customer Service oriented individuals with deep rooted core values. In May of 2022 AJF Trailers was formed in Honor, Memory & Tribute to AJ & Angie. At AJF we want to Earn Your Business & will do whatever we possibly can to achieve that goal. In keeping with the philosophy’s & core values of AJ & Angie we make Customer Service a Priority, are Truly Thankful, Grateful & Value Your Business & Referrals. We know & understand we would not be here unless it was for You our valued customer. To us it’s so much more then a trailer sale, it’s customer service before, during & after the sale & developing that personal relationship with You our customer. Chris Freddi is now the Boots on The Ground point person for the company & Pat Freddi has joined in the family business as an equity partner. The Horseshoe Logo with AJF in the center faces upward to those We honor, Cherish & Love. The ones who are truly running the business & we ask every day to: Keep Your Hand on Our Shoulders, Guide & Protect Us.

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