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Noxious weeds are non-native plants that have become established or that may be introduced into the state. These weeds may render land unfit for agriculture, forestry, livestock, wildlife, or other beneficial uses. Noxious weeds are so designated by rule of the MT Department of Agriculture or as a District Noxious Weed by the Mineral County Weed Board. The Mineral County Weed Board has been actively treating and managing noxious weeds since 1949. Today, the Weed Board endeavors to provide an integrated approach to noxious weed management to benefit the people and natural resources of Mineral County. As such, the Weed Board strives to: • Coordinate private, county, state and federal weed management • Comply with existing weed control laws • Reduce the influence of weeds on natural resources • Accomplish weed control without significant adverse environmental effects • Promote weed awareness and prevention The Mineral County Weed District is the department within the county responsible for coordinating weed management, educating the public and providing such services as directed by the Mineral County Weed Board. The weed district assists public landowners and government agencies with their responsibilities of noxious weed management. The weed district continually seeks to improve its integrated management techniques, environmental data and education programs to provide professional service to the people of Mineral County and the surrounding region. Services available from the Weed District include on-site inspection and consultation, rental equipment for treating noxious weeds, pesticide consultation and sales, biocontrol assistance, revegetation assistance, and education.

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