Black Bear Coffee opened it’s doors for business in Thompson Falls, Montana at 6:00 AM, Saturday, May 4th, 2019. We purchased the historic building in April of 2018 with the goal of restoring it and returning it to service in the community after having been closed for more than 25 years. We decided that whatever we did with the building, it would be about benefiting the town and creating community. The first two portions of the building to be once again open to the public are the coffee house and hair salon. We started off being clear that we weren’t going to open a bar or casino in town. There are already plenty of those. What the town needs is places where people can hang out, relax, spend time with friends and gather socially. The options for young people are extremely limited. Even more so in the wintertime. We spent the last 40 years in Seattle spending time in great coffee houses, drinking perfect espresso drinks and becoming accustomed to a relaxing environment and a great cup of coffee.

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